Lombok Island

The charm of Lombok Island is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. His charm has even managed to attract the attention of tourists from abroad. There are many tourist attractions on this island. It won’t run out of Lombok’s charm to be explored from various directions.

Therefore, Lombok is never empty of visitors even though its location is close to Bali, which is also a favorite tourist destination. Waterfall tourism on the island of Lombok is equally beautiful with beach and Gili tours on Lombok.

The charm of Lombok Island is divided into 4 districts and 1 city, namely the regencies of West Lombok, Central Lombok, North Lombok, East Lombok and the City of Mataram. In every corner of Lombok saves the potential of natural tourism which is an attraction for tourists to visit.

Starting from gili-gili, beaches, mountains, tourist villages, waterfalls, to temples and mosques all have their own charm. So if you plan to take a vacation to Lombok, make sure that your goal is not to go where you want to go first. One way is to use a trusted tour guide service.

    Lake Toba

    Until now, many tourists and foreign tourists have visited Lake Toba. Behind the beauty panorama of Lake Toba is tucked into a fairy tale of the archipelago. The story of Lake Toba starts from a valley in North Sumatra with the main actor the hardworking farmer and the daughter of the magic fish.
    According to information from geologists that the crater from Lake Toba was formed because of a volcanic super volcanic eruption that occurred around 77,000 years ago. In fact, the eruption is quite powerful compared to other volcanic eruptions, believed the explosion reached thousands of eruptions on a normal volcano. The impact was even affected by climate in the whole world at that time.

    For those of you who want to spend a long vacation or even just a holiday on the weekend, then Lake Toba nature tourism is the right tourist recommendation. You can enjoy the beauty of nature while relaxing and taking a break from the fatigue of the world of work and tiring social interactions. This kind of tranquility, only you get from Lake Toba. If you really want to take a vacation by forgetting for a moment the work problem at the office, then the natural tourism of Lake Toba gives an unforgettable sensation. There you will find a panorama of natural beauty such as a lake, an island in the middle of the lake and also a beautiful hillside slope.

    Just for information, that the area of Lake Toba itself reaches 2 times the size of Singapore. How can you feel the sensation right? The location is at the top of a giant volcano that has been active in the range of 75,000 tofu which then becomes a beautiful natural panorama. Not to mention, there are rows of mountain mountains around it, as well as clouds of wine that adorn it. Making Lake Toba more amazing.


    Unlike other big cities, life in Yogyakarta is much more relaxed and enjoyable. What not? The locals are very friendly, the food is delicious with tempting flavors, and there is a list of endless places to visit.

    In addition to the temple which is one of the wonders of the world, Yogya also has many beautiful natural charms such as beaches, forests, lakes.

    Raja Ampat

    For divers and fans of snorkeling activities, Raja Ampat is heaven. The beauty of the underwater world is extraordinary even the whole world recognizes it. It is not wrong if many people want to be a direct witness to the beauty even though transportation access to be able to enjoy tourist destinations in Raja Ampat is still very limited, and the price is quite draining.

      However, if you are one of the travelers who are determined, tighten their belts and are ready to spend savings to be able to enjoy the charm of Raja Ampat, then you should know that it’s not just the underwater world that is special. Not a few interesting tours on the surface that you must visit.

      Interested in seeing and exploring the charming tourist destinations in Raja Ampat, see the places you should visit in one of the cities in West Papua, huh!


      Bunaken is an island that has an area of 8.08 kmĀ² located in the Bay of Manado. This island is still part of the city of Manado which became the capital of North Sulawesi Province. The famous tourist spot of Bunaken is a marine park that is still part of Bunaken National Park. This marine park has the highest biodiversity in the entire world. Overall, this marine park has an area of 75,265 hectares which has five islands, including Bunaken Island, Mantehage Island, Siladen Island, Naen Island and Manado Tua Island.
      Bunaken Marine National Park itself is very famous to foreign countries because of the existence of a very rich coral reef ecosystem. Inside there are approximately 39 species of coral reefs. Algae species that can be found in the Bunaken Marine National Park are Padina, Caulerpa and Halimeda. While the seaweed species that are currently commonly found are Enhallus Acoroides, Thalassaodendron Chileatum and Thalassia Hemprichii. In addition, various types of marine mammals, reptiles, birds, mollusks, mangroves and about 90 species of fish can be found in Bunaken National Park.

      In addition to the deep ocean which is rich in ecosystems, on the land side of the Bunaken Marine National Park it is also rich in woka sago, silar, coconut and Arecaceae and some land animal species such as deer and cuscus. In addition, mangrove forests in Bunaken National Park are also a habitat for lobsters, crabs, mollusks and seabirds.

      With its natural beauty, Bunaken tourist attractions become one of the favorite destinations of tourists to vacation and visit various islands in Bunaken National Park. In addition to the beauty of the underwater and the land offered, this island is also included in the International Heritage category which is one of everyone’s favorite destinations to relieve fatigue.

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